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Asset Management for
Aerospace & Defense

X-15's solution is a unique enterprise-class data system that provides:

Asset Configuration Management (ACM) for Mission Critical Systems and Infrastructure
Engineering Compliance / Control / Consistency / Collaboration / Confidence

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Aerospace & Defense
Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)

Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) for Aerospace & Defense
Automated Audits and Forms, DD1149, ITAR, Import / Export, Shipping, Letters, and Certifications

Commerical Space, Digital Infrastructure

Aircraft, Weapon Systems, Intelligence / Surveillance / Reconnaissance (ISR)

Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)

Customers & Business Partners

US Army
US Navy
US Air Force
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Asset Management

Asset Manager - operational list of items ("assets") including their status, procurement, location, ownership, custodian, quantity, history, warranty, physical build, and maintenance

Catalog Manager - a master list of item identifiers: part numbers, model numbers, NSNs, NIINs, etc. and revision numbers, and price history

Location Manager - a master hierarchy of physical and virtual locations

Organization Manager - a master list of organizations (Vendors, Manufacturers, Corporations, etc.) including contact names, addresses, and phone numbers

Software Configurations - operational list of software configurations for electronic devices

Shipping-Receiving RMA Manager - manages shipping documents, allowing groups of items to be "sent", "moved", "received", etc., including government forms, e.g. DD Form 1149 (DD1149).

Ticket Log - manages requests, discrepancy reports, work orders

Purchase Request Manager - PR (Purchase Request) management

Purchase Order Manager - PO (Purchase Order) management (interfaces to external financial system)

Certifications Manager - operational list of item certifications, related to assets

Contracts Manager - operational list of contracts, related to assets

Event Manager - maintenance program/events management

Flight Management

Preflight Manager - operational list of preflight checks

Flight Manager - operational list of flights

Flight Board - aircraft availability and status

Asset Configuration Management
(Digital Twins)

CSL Manager - Configuration Specification Language editor, controls the build / assembly of hierarchies of items and their overall status

Model Manager - master list of models, configurations, variants, and effectivity rules

Engineering Change Requests - technical records

Manufacturing Logistics

Production Work Orders - project level production work orders

Product Masters - electronic travelers, asset manufacturing, in line tests, work in progress reporting

Silverstar Aries - a simulation engine / build-up analyzer, predicts resource usage and shortages during planned operations

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